Chemical Peels

Best Chemical Peels Treatment in Nashik

What is a peel?

In Nashik elite cosmetic surgery center is one of the best cosmetic surgery center where we do peeling treatment.A peel is an acid or a combination of acids. Contrary to the popular belief that peels are a cosmetic procedure, chemical peeling is a well-established dermatological procedure having numerous indications.At elite cosmetic surgery center we provide chemical peels which can improve the skin’s appearance and you will get more smoother and wrinkless skin.

Now we see the exact procedure of peeling


How is it done?

In this treatment we do cleansing or washing of the skin.For that a gel or solution is applied and allowed to rest on the skin for some time. The contact time may be different depending on the indication and the type of peel following which the peel is neutralized.

After this treatment patient have take some precautions for the best result:

What are the precautions to be taken?

  • Post peeling for several days Direct sunlight is to be completely avoided.
  • It is must to apply of sunscreen whenever patients.
  • For first few days soap should be avoided. water or a mild cleanser are used to clean the Skin .
  • You have to apply Moisturize its quantity is depending on the amount of peeling achieved.
  • Do not physically peel, scratch or rub the skin following the procedure.
  • For few days after peel any creams or treatments that have been going on should be stopped.


What a chemical peel can improve?

  • After Chemical Peel treatment you don’t have to face problem Acne or acne scars
  • This treatment is helpful to remove fine lines and wrinkles
  • Irregular skin pigmentation
  • Roughness of your skin and scaly patches can remove through Chemical Peel treatment.


So if you wanted to do that treatment for better skin then visit elite cosmetic surgery center which provides that peeling treatment at affordable cost in Nashik.

Chemical Peels Treatment

Chemical Peels Treatment Nashik